BIO Hilandia

I am Blanca, the creator of Hilandia and the woven world of experiences «pulling the thread».

I have always loved knitting and embroidery. Feeling that you are creating something tangible with your hands, putting love and creativity into it. These manual activities have been a counterpoint to my professional life. A way to keep me attached to the earth, to the world of experiences and the creativity that comes from the hands.

A bit of history

After busy years of professional life dedicated to a multinational company, it is time to dedicate myself to knitting, to knit experiences that I like, that I know how to do and that I do with love, to rediscover activities that I had forgotten, knitting and treating wool with care and affection.

I want to include in this process the whole process of the wool from the shearing of the sheep; washing, carding and spinning Spanish Merino sheep wool; hand weaving a variety of garments, and taking care of the details, from the colours, materials and shapes, to the boxes, labels and gift wrapping paper.

In this journey of weaving experiences I have met incredible people who have made me broaden my horizons, so now I am spinning alpaca, from animals bred in Spain, which is a totally soft and fantastic fiber to spin, feeling how it slides through your fingers as if it were silk.

What I want to achieve

I want to have the luxury of making things by hand with the love of experience. This is, for me, the real luxury.

With these garments that I weave I want to transmit this way of understanding handmade work and the happiness that comes from creating beautiful things. This is my goal. I want to weave experiences and transmit all the emotion that comes from creating the garment that will finally reach your hands.

I want you to feel comfortable, comfortable and beautiful among hand-knitted garments with all the value that handmade things give with care.

I want to weave garments that become a special gift for people like you, who know how to appreciate details and work done with care and enthusiasm.

Craftswoman of the Community of Madrid

Since October 2018 I am accredited as a craftswoman of the Community of Madrid, a recognition that gives value and entity to all the activity I do.

From the Association of Textile Creators (ACTM) we give value to the artisan activity from the point of view of training and dissemination of various textile techniques.