Weaving experiences

We want to give value to the artisan activity by hand weaving with quality materials treated in a natural and respectful way with tradition.

Hilandia Vision

Value of Hilandia

To give value to the artisan activity, weaving by hand with quality materials, treated in a natural way and respecting tradition.

Hilandia’s raison d’être is to make yarns, almost any material is good for the purpose of turning them into fabric, into larger pieces that tell a story.

My personal contribution to this vision is the use of new technologies to be able to establish this bridge between different moments in history and to make it easier and more accessible to the new generations for the recovery of lost or dying trades.



Hand-knitting for newborn babies

For newborn babies, knitted in different colours and with the most original shapes, adapted to their size and using the best quality wools and cottons. The materials used are hypoallergenic and easily washable.

The designs are adapted from birth to three months of age. We also make orders for older babies and children.

Thank you very much and enjoy Patupeque.


We knit by hand with hypoallergenic materials to avoid allergies.


The most unique colours to create exclusive models.


We are looking for new special colour materials with the softest quality.

Washing machine

All the materials we use are hand or machine washable.


100% merino wool, alpaca, silk and all high-end fibres.

Perfect gift

We want the gift to be special and that is why we wrap and present the garments you choose with great care.

Materials and colours

We knit by hand with 100% hypoallergenic materials to avoid any kind of allergy problem for the baby.

We look for new materials of different colours with the softest quality.
100% Spanish merino wool, alpaca, silk, cotton and all the high-end fibres.
This exciting search, travelling to different places, to find the most beautiful fibre, to weave the most original garment.

The most unique colours to create exclusive models.

All the materials we use are hand or machine washable.

Crecer Juntos

Growing up together

A different gift idea. Along with the hand-knitted garments that you fancy, either for yourself or as a gift, you can add a special touch by planting a tree with us.

You name the tree and if you feel like it you can also help us to plant it. With this tree you contribute to improving air quality and preserving biodiversity in areas of great ecological value.

Check the campaign specifications at reforesta.es