Hilandia Solidarity Challenge

«The world’s largest virtual flock of sheep»

You can see all the sheep at the bottom of the page.

The Hilandia Solidarity Challenge consists of creating «The world’s largest virtual flock of sheep».

Combining tradition and modernity around such a fascinating world as that of wool has led us to launch the Hilandia Solidarity Challenge, a challenge to be achieved by all of us, putting our creativity to work and offering the possibility of telling exciting stories.

We seek a double objective: to gather the largest virtual flock of sheep in the world and to donate balls of wool to make solidarity fabric for vulnerable people through the Association laiaia.org.

With this action we are joining the Sustainable Development Goals and we want to do our bit, especially in relation to goal 12, by helping to ensure responsible production and consumption patterns.

If we are all aware of our role and do our bit, we will be able to improve our planet.

Balls of yarn for sheep

This action is a solidarity challenge. For every 10 sheep´s image received and published* in «The largest virtual flock of sheep of sheep in the world«, Hilandia donates a ball of yarn, thus contributing to the «donate your ball of yarn» campaign run by the laiaiaia.orgAssociation in order to knit clothes in solidarity and help vulnerable people.

Reto Hilandia

The Hilandia Solidarity Challenge proposal

Let your imagination to create your sheep: drawn, painted, embroidered or in collage…
Very important: Name your sheep. If you tell us what inspired you to make your sheep, we will include it as a comment in its publication.

Take a photo and send it* by email to ovejas@hilandia.com.

*Images that are not of good quality will not be used and will not be published.

Sheep of the world

We are looking to make an international flock of sheep from all over the world. Tell us from where you send your sheep. This way we will add sheep from different countries to this virtual flock.

Encourage your friends and family to participate in the Hilandia Challenge.


Communication of the Hilandia Solidarity Challenge

Your sheep will be part of the Hilandia Solidarity Challenge and will be published with the hashtag #RetoHilandia on the Instagram account @Reto.Hilandia. (We will post daily the sheep of the day daily).

It will join the flock on the Hilandia website.  Here you will be able to see how the flock is growing day by day.

At the end of the Hilandia Challenge 2021 we will compile the sheep received during the year. If the quality and quantity is sufficiently representative, we will publish a book.

Basis and requirements to participate in the Hilandia Challenge 2021

  • There is no age limit to participate
  • Each person can participate with as many sheep as he/she wants provided that:
    1. They are different creations
    2. The creation should preferably be square so that it does not protrude from the 10cm by 10cm box so that it can be published on the website together with the rest of the sheep in the flock
    3. The photo or scan must be of sufficient quality to be published on the Hilandia website. Optimal 1030*1030 pixels
    4. Send the image to ovejas@hilandia.com
  •  The name or email address of the person sending the image will not be published unless they give their clear authorization.
  • For every 10 images of sheep published, one ball of yarn will be donated to the IAIA Association, destined to the project «Donate your ball of yarn«.
  • IAIA Association will issue a certificate for the delivery of balls for the «donate your ball» campaign.
  • Photos published on this website may be reproduced in whole or in part only with the permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
The Hilandia Challenge organisation decides which creations are published and which are not.
  • Hilandia reserves the right to suspend this action by communicating it on the Hilandia.com website.
  • At the end of the compilation of the Hilandia Challenge 2021 sheep, different awards will be established.
  • Among all the participants, we will name the Hilandia 2021 Challenge Shepherd or Shepherdess of honour. Highlighting his or her special work in contributing to the virtual flock.
This mention can be for the number of sheep created or for their special contribution to the virtual flock.


We would like to thank the selfless participation, among all the sheep received in the 2021 edition.

To this end, a jury made up of prestigious artists and environmental experts will award various prizes to the authors for their participation in the Hilandia 2021 Solidarity Challenge:

“La Bola Mola de Oro”
Hand-embroidered medal with gold thread, diploma, complete kit «La Oveja Nómada» offered by Las Hidalgas and a box of drawing pencils.

“La Bola Mola de Plata”
Hand-embroidered medal with silver thread, diploma, pack of 4 balls of «La Oveja Nómada» (one of each colour) offered by Las Hidalgas and a box of drawing pencils.

“La Bola Mola de Bronce”
Hand-embroidered medal with bronze thread, diploma, kit to weave a complement of «La Oveja Nómada» offered by Las Hidalgas and a box of drawing pencils.

The medals will be hand-embroidered by the embroiderer Rakel Palop.

Among all the participants we will name the Honorary Shepherd or Shepherdess of the Hilandia 2021 Solidarity Challenge. Highlighting their special work in contributing to the Virtual Flock.

This mention can be for the number of sheep created or for their special contribution to the virtual flock.

The person named Shepherd or Shepherdess of honour of the Hilandia Solidarity Challenge 2021 will receive a complete kit of «La Oveja Nómada» by Las Hidalgas.

More awards

Among all the sheep received, «The most coquette sheep» will be chosen and will receive a piece to wear on her head (hat, beret or headdress) from the prestigious designer Pepa Tocados.

The «The most exquisite sheep» will be chosen from among all the sheep presented to the flock. She will get an embroidery kit designed by the embroiderer Rakel Palop who has been inspired by Carlos Regueira’s «Boola Negra» to create this kit.

In honour of «the most bio diverse sheep» of the flock, Reforesta will plant a tree in the name of its creator and will provide the author with a certificate with its geographical coordinates and a photo of the tree planting.

Indigo Textile Studio has awarded «the most textile-loving sheep» of our flock with a kit (Lisa mini Louet frame and coloured wool for knitting… a beautiful sheep of course).

These acknowledgements will be made at the end of the collection of the Hilandia 2021 Challenge sheep.

Ovejita Clara Reto Solidario Hilandia

Thanks to our partners

Introducing Hilandia’s big herd