Hilandia, Limited Edition

The wool, that marvelous fiber that sheep provide us with every year when they are sheared, is used to make a handmade thread, very different, which is converted into loving garments that accompany us.

It adorns and protects.

Handmade process from beginning to end

The balls and garments that have the Hilandia Limited Edition denomination have been made entirely by hand throughout the whole process, from the time the sheep are sheared until the fleece is spun and woven.

This painstaking, painstaking treatment takes time and dedication.

  • We dry it in the sun to obtain a beautiful white wool.
  • We card the wool to align the fibers and make it softer.
  • We spin it by hand with a spinning wheel to obtain a handmade yarn, very natural and different.
  • We make skeins and balls and we mix the natural colors of the undyed wool.
  • If you want we can dye with natural dyes the color of your choice.
  • We knit with two needles or crochet the garment you have chosen.

If you want to knit it yourself, you can create your own garments from the balls of «Hilandia, Limited Edition«.

Mixture of natural fibers

You can also choose to mix Merino wool with alpaca, mohair or silk from animals raised in Spain

A unique handmade garment

A garment that if you take care of it properly will accompany you for years. This garment is unique and handmade from start to finish.

It is Hilandia, Limited Edition  

«Hand spinning offers the opportunity to use natural resources in a sustainable way».

«Hand spinning leads us to weave experiences of all kinds, a little bit of history, a little bit of art, a little bit of legend.»