“Your Coquette Pet”

Do you know that the latest surveys say that in Spanish households there are more pets than children? and that the average expenditure is 1000€ per year.

The census is more than 13 million pets in Spain and for each family their pet is unique, and the average expenditure on pets is more than 1.200€ per year. We dedicate 3 hours of our time a day to them. All this data encourages us to take care of them from the point of view of image, so we have created the Patupet line, hand-knitted garments for our pets.

As every day we see more and more dogs walking down the street, and when we go to friends’ houses it is rare not to see a cat, a canary, a tortoise and many other pets.

We want our pet to feel nice and warm. And we want them to identify with us. In winter we want them to be comfortable and warm with coats and collars in fun colours.

We have been encouraged to hand knit for them creating the Patupet line.

Our experience at Patupet

We knit for your dog, for your cat, we have even knitted a beautiful scarf for Venus a superb mare.

We have knitted collars and coats for Bowie, Bruja, Blanca, Anko and many other dogs. Shia wears her red crocheted stars on her collar at Christmas time to look pretty during the festive season. We have also crocheted a red and black ladybird hat for Nina, a pretty cat.

Ideas of possible garments for your pet

A different idea is a collar with your favourite flag so that your pet can identify with you. The Spanish flag, the Republican flag, the flag of your football team?

Ask us for the garment you want and we will knit it for your pet, in the colour of your choice, so you will see pets with funny outfits walking the streets.