Hand knitted fashion accessories

In Hilandia we want to make cold days pleasant by knitting fashion accessories such as scarves, collars, hats, even that little blanket to be comfortable on the sofa.

We also knit by hand crochet earrings, they have the advantage that they don’t weigh anything, so you can wear big earrings without the discomfort of carrying them in your ears. We knit different models and sizes to wear in any occasion.

When you weave, weave and weave, you start to get different orders to the ones you usually weave. So we have expanded our range of products as far as your imagination can take you.

Scarves, hats, collars, mittens

My friends started to ask me for some garments for them, this made me add new designs to the baby clothes I had been knitting for some years.

So I started to knit, at first collars and scarves for girls, also some hats, a couple of mittens and jackets and waistcoats. Remember, we are open to orders for boys.

I have also knitted blankets for the sofa, to keep warm on cold evenings.


If you have to give a gift and you are thinking of a handmade and exclusive accessory, in Hilandia we can create the most beautiful and different order to make your gift something unique. Do not hesitate contact us and place your order.


Another facet among the fashion accessories are earrings in different colours, woven in cotton with the crochet technique, so they are weightless and very comfortable to wear.

All earrings have a sterling silver clasp.

They can be woven with big earrings or smaller ones, as you like.

Other projects in progress

In order to be coherent with the project we are carrying out, we want to make hand-woven garments combined with recycled materials from other garments. We add touches of mink or fox fur to various hand-woven garments.

We are also working on the design of a Japanese bag, made in different sizes and materials, hand-woven, different fabrics, goatskin and fur from various animal coats.

All these garments, which we had forgotten in our wardrobes, inherited from our grandmothers, serve as raw material to add a special touch to the different models.

Leather and nappa leather bags

Exploring new fields we create fun bags with noble leathers and lined with striking African fabrics from a wonderful shop in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Tida Colores del Mundo.

We work with goatskin, which is very soft and supple, in a totally handmade way. We are also exploring the world of fabrics and we knit the bag you want with two needles or crochet.

Macramé, so fashionable nowadays, also allows us to create different bags with materials such as cotton, linen or jute. Ask us for the model you like the most.